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 The "Debt Ceiling"

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PostSubject: The "Debt Ceiling"   Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:05 pm

This is getting rediculous! Not only should the USA never have been in a debt crisis to begin with, they can't seem to figure out a logical way to get the country out of it!

The "pet projects" of every state rep. every congressman, every governor, and every one else who holds their hand out for money from our collective wallets, have put us in a situation now that we very well may become the next "island" of China. I would LOVE to put my finger on one single individual or administration for this crisis, but not only would that not be fair, it would be completely inaccurate.

I'm so sick of having to worry about financial woes, because the government as a whole, both Rep. And Demo. can't put their heads together (and you'd think with heads THAT big gravity would kick in and force them together) and get us out of this funk.

Democrats, are to busy pointing fingers and trying to raise taxes (aren't they high enough?).

Republicans, are to busy pointing fingers back, and hoping we hit that ceiling and beyond, for political gain. You see if this administration defaults on it's bills - that gives them ammunition in the next election (so they have motive for being lackadaisical, and incessantly saying no, no, no to everything!)

Yet, here us innocent people sit, in the "Land of the Free" without a voice. We have one good leg left, and our government is whacking at it with a log trying to break it too!

When's it going to end? People (repub's, teabaggers[blech], wishy washy dems, and racists) seem to think "with the next President" well .. they are wrong! Not only is an administration change not going to instantly fix anything, in all likelihood Obama is going to get a second term (whether people like it or not, there is no current challenger that can unseat him).

I'm so sick of political motives getting in the way of true progress, if you can't look past the insignia of your herd (elephants) or your pack (donkeys) - then GTFO of office and reevaluate your life, you are here to SERVE us! Not win elections, not be popular, not to be the next president, to serve the american people.
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The "Debt Ceiling"
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