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PostSubject: "Obamacare"   Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:05 pm

People need to quit crying and whining about "Obamacare" seriously.

I do not agree with every last detail of it, but something needed to change, and until someone comes up with a better idea (and Vouchercare is laughable at best) it is exactly what a ton of American's need RIGHT NOW, not years from now.

The reason I say this is for a completely biased reason - both my wife and I have pre-exsisting conditions and could not get insurance without it, I don't care about the small business man who whines and cries it's costing him to much. If they don't like it - feel free to pack it up and get a real job IMO (whether you want to or like it or not.) I don't care if it's going to "hurt" the economy (everything every president does hurts the economy in some way.. freetrade anyone?)

As long as my family and I get what WE need - I don't care about the rest of the world, especially the USA. I am not anti-american, I just am. I am out for me and mine - period, regardless of who else has to suffer, because they don't give to shakes about what happens to me or my family (and I don't expect them, nor want them to)

Politics in general is a big farce, we need to quit focusing on who says this, or who does that and get down to the human aspect of things. People of all walks have needs, and if the private sector doesn't step up and work it out themselves, I FULLY expect my government to take control of the issue (in this case healthcare) - because I. P A Y. T A X E S. for them to do just that.

If we aren't paying taxes for our government to make policies (whether they are imperfect, or liked) to help protect people who are victims of a vicious system (you ever had a pre-exsisting condition and been told "No, sorry we won't cover you!") then what are they for? To pay their wages? I don't think so - I am not going to pay a bunch of fat cat politicians to sit around and eat crumpets with one hand down their pants, while -I- have to sit and suffer because of a crooked and broken system.

So to sum it up, people need to suck it up and get over it, healthcare needed a change to allow people like myself AND my wife to get coverage we deserve. While I don't like the entire policy in general, it has what I need, and to me - that is ALL that will ever matter.

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