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 My Twisted Views.

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PostSubject: My Twisted Views.   Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:24 pm

Most people have a hard time trying to understand me when it comes to politics, so I give a brief description about my political views in this world we live in.

I believe in whatever directly benefits me and my family right now - not what's gonna happen in 20/30 years down the road, not what my great-great grandchildren are going to have to pay etc. Simply put we have to deal with our great grandparents messes, I have no problems leaving some behind for ours.

I am not a Repukelican, or a Democrap - I am a full fledged independent thinker. For instance, I think all conservatives are biblethumping nutjobs who need to wake up to modern day thinking (Stem cells, abortion, legalization of weed, marriage equality, etc.) I think all liberals are pretty boy's who need to spend more time examining their own life and less time with a hair brush and suit tailor. I don't lean either way, and I my own person.

When are people going to realize, no matter who is in office - they are just going to screw things up? Politics are what has ruined this country more than any single president, when lobbyists are allowed to take money to badger the hell out of a politician to influence their vote - that's BAD, and it's the reason every single system in this world is borked. Everything goes to the highest bidder by default, instead of people making up their own minds.
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My Twisted Views.
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