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PostSubject: Immigration   Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:56 pm

Just so others don't think I blindly follow Obama around like a lost puppy.

Immigration - a REAL issue here at home is something this administration (and every other one for that matter) has failed time and time again to address in any relevant way. Sorry but offering all illegals "amnesty" and then working on new legislation WILL NOT work, someone needs to be put in office who has the cajones to stand up and say G.T.F.O and then work to make it happen.

The absolute biggest issue this country has with its economy is illegal's taking over jobs that hard working Americans not only deserve, but need. The only people that should be allowed to work in this country are those of birthright (you know the folks who were born with parents who were already American?) or the ones who desire to work their ass off to get legal citizenship (kinda like numerous other folks have done?).

It's time for American citizens to raise up, and SCREAM with our collective voices that we are sick and tired of giving free hand outs to illegals, and sick and tired of watching jobs go to the cheaper labor. It's time to RIOT (*cough.. sorry "protest.. don't wanna be charged with inciting a riot*cough*) if we have to get our country back from all the mutants who think they deserve something from US!

Good people built this country with blood, sweat and tears. Watching it be destroyed by lackluster politicians with no spine to tell them to leave, is not only sickening it's MADDENING!
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